Sow Only

The human race is in a precarious position. Restricted to fewer than a dozen safe cities in the world, there is little any individual can take for granted. Were one to pursue it however, there are paths that could be tread. Those ways are treacherous and few who walk them survive, but those who succeed can find that they are not only able to secure their own livelihood, but also safeguard those close to them. Of course, sometimes one's path in life is chosen for them - and in this case, that is true as well. The Curse Of Divinity and the Curse Of Unlife are both inborn to a person, and irrevocably part of their being.

The Curse Of Blood     
Blood is life. Blood is power. And for those bearing the Curse Of Blood, the vital fluid must be consumed to stay alive. Fortunately, it abounds. And even better, it fuels unnatural power in those carrying this curse. Several ancient Bloodlines of the Curse Of Blood exist in the present day, the Bloodline passing down along with the Curse. Those carrying the Curse Of Blood frequently see themselves as the pinnacle of society: the highest form of predator, the masterful schemer, the untouchable master. While this attitude leads to conflict between those with this curse, they know, ultimately, that they cannot survive without the people they rely on as food and even companionship.

The Curse Of Divinity     
Though enigmatic and beyond the ken of humanity, the gods intervene in the mortal world from time to time. Not all of those interventions are benificent. The games the gods play sometimes rely on physical agents in the world, and for this purpose, the gods conceive offspring to carry out their respective wills. Growing up with an absentee parent and clearly different than other children, those with the Curse Of Divinity learn early on that they are separate from both sides of their ancestry. Eventually, those bearing this curse begin to have dreams and visions, messages from their divine parent directing them to fulfill the purpose set out for them. Struggling against the plan laid out for them can lead to great tribulation, but some fortunates have escaped the fates laid out for them.

The Curse Of Possession     
Spirits abound in the world, many of whom struggle just like any corporeal creature. A union of two such individuals can provide a greater chance of survival for both. Such a thing is never a natural occurance, however. It is rare for the human of the duo to initiate such a joining; typically, a pairing of human and spirit is the result of the spirit's machnications. From the moment of their joining, the spirit and their host struggle for control and maintain their sense of self. Despite those complications, the new combined being has the advantages of the less-ephemeral physical existence, combined with the Dominions of the spirit.

The Curse Of The Beast     
Great, dire beasts stalk the land. The cities, walled and secluded from the wilds, are largely safe from their predations, but the rural communities do not have such a benefit. Attacks from the wilds are infrequent, but happen often enough that people are not surprised when it happens. Usually, the beast does great damage to a town, kills a dozen or two of its defenders and unfortunates, then returns to the wild. Sometimes, however, someone survives the bite of one of these dire beasts. Survivors of such an attack are permanently marked as influenced by the beast, and with that influence comes power. Those bearing the Curse Of The Beast find themselves able to transform into that beast's form, relate to the natural world in new ways, and dominate those around them as a dire beast does.

The Curse Of Unlife     
Life is hard. But, there are those for whom it would be a blessing compared to the existence they have to cope with. The Curse of Unlife is unlike the other curses; rather than a singular state of being, there are several ways a person could come to be in this state. For some, their mother had a dalliance with an ancestor spirit, their conception tinged by death. The mothers are always lost in childbirth, and the growing Cursed finds loss always following them like a shadow. Others with the Curse Of Unlife have a much more inhuman life cycle. Usually created whole as adults, some are shaped from clay, marble, or other material, and given life through some esoteric magic. Yet another way to be burdened with the Curse of Unlife is more macabre, to be pieced together from the corpses of the dead. Usually the product of unnatural drives, these Cursed struggle with their own nature and relationship with those possessing true life.

The Curse Of Wisdom     
People keep secrets; it's an inescapable aspect of life. Few realize that existence itself keeps secrets. If one digs hard enough, one could uncover those secrets. The Chamber of Mystery by Hablot Knight BrowneAs always, however, there is a price. These secrets are beyond the ken of human minds, and easily damage such fragile things as a psyche. To those unaware, those with the Curse Of Wisdom are masters of magic. But to those afflicted with this Curse, it is simply a matter of learning rules to a game nobody else is aware they're playing.