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Sow Only Despair
RPG Project Status

Summary: We are still in the very initial phases of development. Completing the website design is the current primary goal so that the site is in a functional and useable state. In the meantime, we are making notes regarding rules and setting for to use for later development. Tertiary efforts are being made to research material to aid in rounding out design theory.

To Do In Progress Complete
  • Site: Convert menu to .inc file
  • Character Sheet
  • Setting: Spirits and Gods
  • Setting: The Dead
  • Rules: Primer
  • Rules: Equipment
  • Rules: Combat
  • Rules: Spells
  • Character Creation: Virtues
  • Setting: Cities
  • Rules: Dominions
  • Quote Collection
  • Website Template
  • Favicon
  • Character Creation: Attributes
  • Character Creation: Facets