Sow Only

Seven hundred and seventy-seven deities comprise the pantheon of deities worshipped by humanity. The faith is present in all eleven cities, though individuals approach the gods in different ways. For most people in their day-to-day lives, the gods are distant but ever-present. Believers see the ebb and flow of the gods' influence on the world, while those devoted to single gods pursue their god's ends in the wider world. No matter what, though, the people of Midseltu see the gods regularly; every star that dances in the night sky is thought to be one of gods, watching over the world and their plots in action.

The gods are also seen in another way: the Curse of Divinity. Children born from a human parent and a god are uncommon but still a known factor and all of them bear the mark of their divine parent. Those bearing this curse are known to pursue the interests of their fountainhead. Occasionally, however, a rogue breaks free of their influence. When such a thing happens, all those near them should take care; gods care little for the collateral damage of the wrath they enact.

Spirits are the much more common servant of the gods, though they are usually invisible to humanity.