Sow Only

What is Sow Only Despair?
Sow Only Despair is a tabletop role-playing game, like others you may have heard of: Dungeons and Dragons, The Chronicles of Darkness, and others. To play the game, a group of four to six people get together, either in person or online. One of the players takes the role of the Game Master, who is responsible for planning the sessions and overall story of the game and having an understanding of the game rules and setting. The other players have their own characters, who they use as a persona to play through the stories presented by the Game Master. Players should also have an understanding of the game rules and setting as relates to their character.

Is Sow Only Despair free?
Yes! The game and all of its material are entirely free for personal use to play with. This website is the official publishing platform for the game and should be considered the official reference for all players. That said...

Why the community support model?
While this distribution method is cheaper than publishing books or even making PDFs, there are still some expenses involved. Development is also time-intensive work, so support from fans who can afford it can help support continued development.