Sow Only

This is a world defined by pain and anguish. Humanity occupies only a small corner, isolated to an island and unaware of the greater darkness. These humans dwell within eleven city-states; treacherous wilderness, enigmatic spirits, and the unquiet dead separate them and threaten the safety of human society. Only the Cursed can prevent the extinction of humanity, not through some grand effort, but by daily struggle and paying a price. There is always a Price.

Sow Only Despair is a tabletop role-playing game where a group of people come together to have fun and tell stories. There are some rules to help determine what happens in the story, define each player characters' abilities, and other aspects of the game. There's also a setting, briefly described in the paragraph above and in more detail to be found in the menu to the left. The setting is the world where games of Sow Only Despair takes place, though each group will have their own differences in how they interpret the setting for their own games.

Unlike most RPGs, this game will always be available in its entirety for free. This website is and will be the official resource for both rules and setting information. Once the basic information (roughly equivalent to a traditional RPG's core book) is finished, there will be a Patreon set up to fund continued development. Funders will not only help keep the game's creator alive, but also potentially expand it with things like game art. Please visit this site often for updates! The Project Status link in the menu to the left will continue to be the official roadmap for development of Sow Only Despair.

One final caveat: this game addresses some heavy topics. Please take care if there are subjects that can bother you. You should also make sure your gaming group is aware of anything you don't want to experience as part of the group.